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Products You May Benefit From

Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love by Helen Fisher

This is an excellent introduction to the brain chemistry of romantic love. Fisher did experiments with couples where they were hooked up to equipment that could monitor what was happening in their brains under conditions of romantic affection. She presents some very interesting findings that are helpful in helping you understand why you fall in love and how to stay in love. I highly recommend it!



Making Love: Sexual Love the Divine Way by Barry Long

Barry Long is was a western man who went to India and returned to the west a tantric master. In this book he expresses his beliefs regarding how to make love in a way that brings union between lovers. I don't advocate his whole metaphysical package but I think he has excellent insights to share.



The Power Of The Pussy: How To Get What You Want From Men: Respect, Commitment, And More! by Kara King

Kara King rightly identifies women fail to get what they want because of their emotional natures. What she advocates instead is that women become more like men, in control of their emotions, so that they can apply the same strategies men use on women to achieve their feminine goals. I definitely don't think she's got the real answer here, but the book is well worth reading so see how far the battle of the sexes can go!