Personal Help From Me

If you're reading this page my assumption is you're looking for some help with your relationship life.

I know exactly how you feel.

Early on in my long term relationship I realized something was wrong.

I just wasn't able to connect with my partner on an emotional level.

Do you love me?

She felt it. Big time.

She reached out to me over and over again.

Why was I distant? Why wasn't I interested? Was she not attractive enough? Didn't I love her?

I remember once she asked me "Do you love me?" and I answered "What do you mean by love?"


You know you're in trouble when your partner says something like that.

I had no clue

I wasn't a bad guy.

I actually cared about the fact I didn't seem to care. I wanted to want her. I just didn't know how.

What's worse is, I couldn't find anybody who could help me figure it out.

This went on for years.


She made the choice many women feel is their only choice. She stayed with me for the kid's sake but built a life where I was virtually irrelevant.

I had no clue.

I showed up at family times but didn't really show up. We slept in the same bed but we were only room mates.


And then it happened.

We became empty nesters and her secret was revealed. She was debating staying with me.

The two-by-four hit my head full force.

I didn't know what to do.

I was angry. I was hurt. I was terrified. Despite all my emotional unavailability she was still all I knew.

What do I do now?

Time to figure myself out

Thank God by this time I had the Internet.

I surfed myself and began to find answers. I tried to turn things around but finally concluded it was too late.

I don't blame her. How doy ou reconnect with someone who left you in an emotional desert for years?

But I've learned a lot about relationships since that time. What makes them tick.

That's why I created this website.

I want to be there for you. The person I never had. The person you can talk to and find the answers you're seeking.

How do I get him to connect with me? How do I change so she'll want sex again? How do I...? How do I...?

You get the point.

Am I the person you need?

It doesn't matter whether you're just dating, in a new relationship, or have been with your partner for years. The same things apply for making things work.

Sure you could do what I did and surf the Internet for literally days and weeks and years trying to figure things out.

But not everybody has time for that. Not everybody has the skill to sort through the mud to find the gold.

I want to help.

Am I the person you need to turn your relationship life around? Let's find out!

Don't do what I did and wait years and years to fix what's going on!

Let's find out!

Buy me a coffee and I'll consult with you for an hour or two for free.

No expectations. No sales pitch. Just you and me sharing and talking about what's going on.

After that if you think I can help then we'll talk about next steps from there.

Share your heart with me and let's see if I can be that person for you.

Contact me here and let's set up that coffee!