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How To Overcome Porn By Getting Over It


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By kelgood - Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - No Comments

I have a Christian FRIEND of mine.

He runs an "overcome porn" MINIISTRY.

We met in a FACEBOOK group.

I like him a LOT.

But we see this thing quite DIFFERENTLY.

I read a recent newsletter he sent out trying to help guys with the "go to the beach" PROBLEM. I know you're asking yourself, "What on earth about the beach could be causing ISSUES?"


Don't you KNOW?

It's NOT the beach.

It's the beach babe GIRLS who frequent it.

They are all so SCANTILY clad.

They are an an endless source of "TEMPTATION."

"Temptation for what?" you ask. To lust of course because Jesus told us NOT to do it. No pure hearted guy can actually endure the experience of SEEING an actually attractive female.

As I read my friend's ADVICE.

I found myself so THANKFUL.

I even SHARED it with another friend.

Told him I am so glad those days are OVER.

Days of trying to "bounce" my eyes whenever I encountered the most BEAUTIFUL thing in all of God's creation. How tragic to think I spent all those years believing God didn't want me to ENJOY it.

Despite the fact I SAY all this?

I also offer help OVERCOMING porn addiction.

The difference with MY approach though?

I help you overcome it by getting OVER it.

By over it I mean so over it you're not afraid anymore to ENCOUNTER what used to be your triggers. You don't have to get up in the morning and pray before you head to the beach because you are FRAGILE and can't endure it.

Once you are TRULY free?

You can ENJOY girls.

Not have to DO anything about them.

Lust is just another word for DESIRE.

Nothing wrong with smelling the FLOWERS.

What I teach you to do is learn to experience your TRIGGERS so they lose their power over you. Once you've learned to experience them you no longer need to HIDE yourself from them.

This FREEDOM I'm describing?

Would you like to personally EXPERIENCE it?

If you do then look me up right NOW!

Don't STRUGGLE another day!

I know that I CAN help you!

What do you say? Would you rather be able to go to the beach and just enjoy it or would you rather continue to fear that your lack of self-control will destroy you?

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