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Why You Shouldn't Find Porn Offensive


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By kelgood - Wednesday, July 10, 2019 - No Comments

If you are like a LOT of people?

Especially GIRLS?

You find porn completely OFFENSIVE.

My question to you today is WHY?

Why is that the CASE?

Because I don't really think you OUGHT to.

To put this discussion into context let me emphasize that I help people who struggle with porn ADDICTION. I spent many years obsessed with porn so I know what it is like to be over INDULGENT and out of control regarding it.

DESPITE this fact?

I'm NOT anti-porn.

I see it a basically NEUTRAL.

Once you are in control of YOURSELF?

It is simply NOT an issue.

You can still consume it if you WISH to.

So why do you find porn offensive and find yourself reacting AGAINST what I'm saying here? Why do you think I can't possibly have overcome porn addiction if I still think its OKAY to consume it?

Why do people USE porn?

For sexual STIMULATION right?

Looking at porn gets you TURNED on.

Or hadn't you NOTICED?

The ultimate goal is USUALLY to "get off."

Either alone or with a PARTNER.

I will be the first to say that porn is no substitute for a real sex. Even a casual encounter can't beat sex that expresses a genuine EMOTIONAL connection.

But I would HAZARD a guess?

The REASON porn offends you?

You feel it LACKS this deeper meaning.

Instead you feel it OBJECTIFIES people.

Especially GIRLS.

It doesn't respect their TRUE humanity.

But saying that is like saying enjoying an ice cream cone doesn't respect real NUTRITION. Just because you enjoy a treat that isn't a full nutritious meal doesn't mean the treat is completely WORTHLESS.

You ARE a sex object.

Yes you are MORE than that.

But you are never LESS than this.


On the sexual plane your are an object of DESIRE.

Even if you are with a PARTNER?

To them you are STILL ice cream.

The problem I have with porn isn't the fact it lacks the full GAMBIT of sexual potential but that it can become obsessive. If you ate ice cream all the time it would also be an indicator you've lost your BALANCE.

But porn CAN be consumed without obsession.

You can use it to ENJOY your sexuality.

When you don't have ACCESS to live sex.

Or you're not currently with your PARTNER.

You can still enjoy a TREAT without them.

You don't cease to be a sexual being just because you are ALONE at the moment. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the wares of those who have chosen to SHARE theirs with you.

Please be CLEAR.

There are scenarios where porn isn't CONSENSUAL.

That's a totally DIFFERENT thing.

If you are aware of that you SHOULDN'T participate.

Other than that if you're OFFENDED by porn?

It's really on YOU.

You should just get OVER it.

What do you think? Do you still think there is something wrong with enjoying a sexual treat or should you just lighten up and quit being offended?


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