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No One Will Die Without Sex Since Masturbation Exists


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By kelgood - Saturday, April 20, 2019 - No Comments

This one is based on an actual Facebook THREAD.

Some  girls were discussing why a guy can't just be FRIENDS.

When you girls say, "Let's JUST be friends?"

This is what a GUY hears:

"Hey listen to ALL my problems."

"Be THERE for me and keep me company."

"While I go have sex with someone ELSE."

Your idea of being friends is "just being friends" as you say and then you wonder why guys have a PROBLEM with that. A guy is not going to die if you don't have sex with him. That's what MASTURBATION is for.

You girls think you WILL die though.

Or at least suffer deep emotional TRAUMA.

Expect you to go without regular emotional CONNECTION?

If a guy does THAT?

HE'S the one being unreasonable.

You don't understand how you can be friends with a guy when all the while he is experiencing RESENTMENT. All because you are opening up to him and sharing your PROBLEMS without having sex with him.

How can a guy FEEL like that?

Like he shouldn't HAVE to be emotionally supportive?

How can he think you're USING him?

If you're not ALSO putting out?

When you realize he feels this way your answer is that you can't FIX this for him. Not only should he get his OWN act together but he should EDUCATE his bros on it.

This disjunct between YOUR perception?

And how a GUY feels when he's friend zoned?

It is what I was trying to get you to SEE a while back.


When I told you "just friends" is no different than "just sex?"

Your response to this situation is like a guy telling you, "No one will DIE without emotional connection. You can always just sit in a room and talk to YOURSELF!"

Don't you SEE it?


It is not a substitute for real sexual FULFILLMENT.

The same way emotional connection is so IMPORTANT to you?

That's how important sexual fulfillment is to HIM.

In a very real way you can think of sexual fulfillment as a GUY'S way of emotionally connecting. Contrary to what you said before he DOES experience emotional trauma when he's not sexually connecting with you.

The POINT I'm making?

Connecting is CONNECTING.

You're just speaking two different LANGUAGES.

Is this guy EMOTIONALLY connecting with you?

Why aren't you SEXUALLY connecting with him?

"Wait a minute!" you say. I don't want to have sex WITHOUT emotional connection. Random sex just for itself is totally NOT cool.

Who said anything about RANDOM sex?

You've just TOLD me he's emotionally connecting.

He's with you NOW.

LISTENING to your problems.

SUPPORTING you in them.

He is speaking YOUR connection language.

Isn't it time you spoke HIS?

What do you think girls? Is it really reasonable to expect him to connect with you whenever you need without you ever reciprocating?

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