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Does She Pass The Friend Zone Test?


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By kelgood - Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - No Comments

It's really IMPORTANT to me.

I want to have a real CONNECTION with a girl.

Before I get PHYSICAL with her.

And that INCLUDES kissing and making out.

I like to think I could have an actual RELATIONSHIP with her first.

Before I get sexual in ANY way.

Yeah I know I'm really an odd one in today's HOOKUP culture world. But now that world is getting a RAPE culture reputation? I'm not feeling so bad HOW I ROLL.

The BIGGEST problem though?

I KNOW human nature.

You girls THINK you're all so enlightened.

When it comes to EMOTION AND LOVE?

You've got the MARKET all sewn up.

But the pickup artists are totally CORRECT.

You often don't DO what you SAY.

You SAY you want connection but when a more introverted guy tries to take the TIME to get to know you? He finds himself in NOWHERE land because you've long ago WRITTEN HIM OFF.

What is he SUPPOSED to do?

When you SAY you want to take it slow?

You don't end up taking it ANYWHERE.

Anywhere except into the (UN)FRIEND(LY) ZONE.

Then you blame him for being too NICE.



The fact is this friend zone thing is actually my TESTof your character. I use it as a way to decide if you're personally developed enough to be WORTH expending my time.

If I can't get to KNOW you without you writing me off?

Deciding I'm NOT any kind of "romantic potential?"

I know something FOR SURE about you.

You are ADDICTED to getting that THRILL.


You're NO different than THAT GUY.

You know.

The one who just wants to get INTO YOUR PANTS.

If you're a GIRL I advise you to see if a guy can take his time and not HAVE TO get to sex right away. If you're a GUY I suggest that you take time getting to know her, and see if she FRIEND ZONES you or not.

This is what I mean when I say, "Does she pass the FRIEND ZONE TEST?"

A girl WORTH getting to know?

One you can experience REAL romantic love with?

She is not going to decide in the FIRST FEW encounters whether she's INTO you or not.

Initial attraction is completely IRRELEVANT.

People GROW ON YOU with time.

Whether you're a guy or a girl, if you CANNOT fall in love with someone unless everything happens in a WHIRLWIND second? You're not really romantic love material AT ALL.

You're just a JUNKIE.

Looking for his or her FIX.

You're USING your partners.

Because of how they make you FEEL.

You'll be DISAPPOINTED again and again.

So the next time you think you LIKE a girl?

Give her the FRIEND ZONE test.

If you take your time and she DOESN'T write you off?

She may just be a KEEPER!

What do you say girls? Do you think you can pass the test and actually take the time to get to know a guy without friend zoning him?

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