What are relationship options?

Welcome! This is the place where you can safely explore different ways to configure your love life.

You live in a very different world than any time in history. While you aren't completely free of the biological and societal programming that influences your relationship choices, you are free today to consciously assess that programming to decide if it is really serving you.

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Two kinds of relationship options

There are two kinds of relationship options.

First there are options within your relationship about how to approach your love life with your partner. How does sex play out? What sort of recreational activities do you enjoy together? Who takes on what responsibilities or roles?

Second there are options on what kind of relationship you want to have. Should you marry your partner? Should you have many lovers? What about growing a family? Since the sexual revolution, the western world has seen a lot of experimentation with alternatives.

The choice is yours

We'll be looking at all of this and more. While I have my own preferences and beliefs of what will make you happy, you have to decide for yourself whether you agree with me and what will work best for you.

I'm not here to tell you how to live. I'm here to tell you what I've learned so far about how to live when it comes to relationships. I think I have some things to say you'll benefit from.

I bring a lot of insight to this subject though there really aren't experts in this field, just fellow learners. I promise to get you thinking though. So let's learn from each other!